A Harvest of Leaves: a Rare, Golden Moment Between Summer and Autumn

As a child, our backyard was home to several oak trees, filled with Spanish moss and leaves.  In the fall, we spent Saturdays raking and burning leaves. 

Most folks don’t realize that here, oak trees are evergreen. The rare, southern native live oak is evergreen, not deciduous. Each year, the 60 to 100 feet of canopy is tipped with new leaves which push the old ones aside to make room for next year’s growth.

Our yard was full of old oaks. 

We had never heard of a burn permit. You simply piled up the leaves on the side of the street and struck a match.  I remember throwing moss on the fire, listening to the crackling as the old, dried moss caught and burned, leaving a thin trail of black smoke, as the moss quickly disappeared.  

We’d pile tons of leaves into the back of Daddy’s old International pickup and climb on. Flowered scarves around our heads, round pink movie star sunglasses on. Then, too soon piling off with the leaves underneath the grape vines. 

The distinctive scent of a South Georgia bonfire leaves us yearning for marshmallows and simpler days and early fall afternoons spent outdoors.

A 300-year old live oak grove like this one is almost unheard of in these parts after decades of timbering. We took great care to site the lodge around the trees, leaving the natural habitat intact for everyone who comes here to experience and enjoy. 

Why don’t you join us at Newell Lodge and enjoy this rare, golden moment between late summer and early autumn? You’ll love our Buffalo Creek campsites and the understated elegance of the nature that surrounds us this time of year.

Yes, at Newell Lodge, the Buffalo Creek RV and tent sites are open for the area’s festival friendly month of October.

During festival season, we offer a special rate for tent campers, glampers, and RV homesteaders who want to escape to the quiet elegance of the Newell landscape after a day – or night – of fun and frolics. 

This private offer is extended only to our loyal community of subscribers, and you won’t find it anywhere else. 

You’re invited to set up your home base at Newell Lodge for $30 night for tenting or 30-amp sites, and $40 night for 50-amp sites, now through October 31, 2019. That’s a 15% + savings over our regular rates, and it includes use of the amenities.

Newell Lodge lies in the middle of beautiful forested land accessed by sandy dirt roads. Burning daylight or rubber in these parts isn’t wise, especially late in the day. Therefore, RV check-in is not allowed past 6 p.m. Please plan accordingly.

Remember, we are located within an hour, give or take a few minutes, of many of the finest fall festivals our region has to offer. During October, we encourage you to consider the annual Okefenokee Festival and Pioneer Days at the swamp.

Plus, we’re set up for the best of the region’s outdoor living, from campfires and trail rides, picnics and bike rides, to clay shoots and bird watching. Or, ask us for directions to the area’s best-kept secrets for antiquing and sightseeing.

Let’s fest!

Ready to do a bit of camping at the Lodge – and grab this special rate – while you’re attending your favorite area fall or family festivities? 

We’re looking forward to hosting your visit. 

See you later, Alligator!