Helpings Catering

We love the word “helping.”

In Newell and nearby places, mothers and aunts and grandmothers have, for generations, encouraged their family members to go get themselves another helping of whatever wonderful dish is on the buffet. Extra helpings mean there’s more than enough, all the way around. We like the way “plenty” feels, so it’s a tradition we plan to keep.

In addition to generous portions, you’ll find we’re committed to local traditions and farms fresh foods, both in “Swampfire Backwoods Bistro™” and in our Catering and event options.

Swampfire Backwoods Bistro™

Perched on the edge of the Little Okefenokee. …where the steaks forever sizzle, the shrimp are so fresh you’ll want to slap their faces, and a little sumpin’ on the side means great farm to table flavors.

Coming Soon! Every Friday and Saturday Night

At Swampfire, you’re having what we’re having. Steak. And Shrimp. You can order the Steak, order the Shrimp, or order the Steak and Shrimp. Always steak and shrimp, but with different presentations every week. With all the trimmings.

We promise mouth-watering flavors, honest portions and homemade quality. You’ll find our chef in our kitchen, testing recipes, chopping this and that and stirring the pot. Our menus are chosen however the mood strikes, depending on what’s in season, with a few Carter family heritage recipes thrown in for good measure.

Reservations recommended. First come, first served.


  • Carnival Concessions – simple, festival-style foods served á la carte and on demand
  • Beverage Kiosks – pink lemonade to hot cuppas, our beverage centers go where you are
  • Event Catering – customized menus for weddings, family reunions and corporate retreats
  • Buffets – classic Southern buffets featuring family favorites and delectable desserts
  • Barbecues and Low Country Boils – we cook ‘em low and slow so you can relax and enjoy
  • Picnics – brown bag or boxed lunch, choose from an array of classic sandwich combinations
  • Sit Downs – white tablecloths, real silverware, and twinkling lights add ambiance to your formal dinner outdoors under the oaks, or perfectly situated in one of our Gathering places
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