Starts Monday! “Don’t Fence Me In! Newell Lodge Offers Horse Camp for Ages 5-8

Logan Gowen, 9, enjoys an afternoon ride on Little Red, his favorite horse, at Newell Lodge and Resort.

As every kid knows, time spent with a horse is never wasted! Welcome to “Don’t Fence Me In,” the horse camp developed especially for beginning riders ages 5-8. Starts May 24 at Newell Lodge and Resort

Join us! We kick off our 2021 Horse Camp series with a group session, Beginning Riding Skills. Designed for riders aged 5-8, the camp helps young riders develop and tone muscles, increase strength and stamina while on the back of the horse. Our small group setting and 1:5 student to teacher allows participants to focus on the safest ways to mount, dismount, stop their horse, walk the horse. More advanced students may also be allowed to trot their horses.

Horses are happier in a clean, functional barn. Our campers will be introduced to the primary care of the barns and stables. With adult supervision, they’ll practice basic, age-appropriate skills needed to maintain a functional barn. For example, they may push a wheelbarrow, search for dangerous objects that may injure the horse, fill the feed buckets, and more.

Our qualified instructors include academic enrichment in the daily camp routine. Campers will use simple math, bioscience, and horse-related vocabulary as they go about their day. They will answer real-world questions, such as

🐴 How much water does a horse drink a day?
Can you measure 2 cups of feed?
How do we measure the height of a horse?
And more!

Don’t you agree that childhood should be timeless? That’s why we limit screen time in favor of hands-on arts, crafts, songs, skits, or preparing simple horse treats. Activities celebrating a shared love of horses brings new friends together and old friends closer.

2021 Horse Camp “Don’t Fence Me In,” for children aged 5-8, offers two sessions, May 24-27 and June 14-17. Space is limited. Call Now: 912-496-2838