Words to the Wise for Would-be Brides

Getting Married? Getting Everything Done Can Be Easier Than You Think

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Check Out Wedding Websites Galore,
Wedding Planners, Magazines,
Internet Articles, Old-Fashioned Opines
Random Thoughts from Family & Friends,
Wedding Apps – Oh, the list never ends!

The options for planning your wedding run like an endless litany through your head.

Think you might just go crazy? Try this before you run down the road to insanity, which has more traffic on it than I-95.  

Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Breath in. Breath out.  

Look at your beautiful engagement ring and think of that wonderful man who has just asked you to marry him.  Enjoy the wonder of being engaged.

First things first.  The wedding is not tomorrow.  But if it is, no worries.

Run down to the county courthouse, apply for your marriage license and find an officiant to perform the ceremony.  Tomorrow comes and you’re married. Whew! That was easy. It’s possible, it’s inexpensive, and you’re married.

But I imagine that’s hardly what you have in mind.  

Here’s my recommendation.  Before thinking of size, décor, style, money, bridesmaids, money, honeymoon, more money, or extended families, there’s one big question to ask yourself.

Here it is. Are you ready?

“What’s important?”      

Take a moment and answer that question truthfully. Your wedding is a time of celebration, when you share your most special day with the people you love.  

So, how do you, me, and we get to the wedding on time?  

We plan, using the 5 Phases to a Perfect Newell Lodge Wedding:

Phase 1.    Organization.

◻︎ List your thoughts and ideas in a wedding planner or use an app, whichever works for you.
Include those you love in the planning stage, especially your fiancé.  Even if he has no opinion and agrees with everything you say (which is fantastic) he’s included and has the potential of being a great husband.
Set a flexible budget.  (Flexible: Bending easily without breaking.)

The budget gives you an idea of what you want to spend vs what you can spend.  Sure, the $15,000 wedding would be phenomenal, but a smaller, less expensive wedding is equally beautiful. Plus, you’re married.

◻︎ Involve the financial-decision makers in the planning process (if you’re not paying for your own wedding). Your parents want you to have the best but may not want to take out a 2nd mortgage on the house.
Choose your theme, style, colors, décor, & wedding attendants.
Choose the menu for your outdoor Newell Lodge rehearsal supper, traditional reception, or buffet dinner. Customize your preferences with your catering pro.

Phase 2.  Make plans.     

◻︎ Make your guest list.  This is important. The number of guests will affect your overall budget and play an important role in your choice of the Newell Lodge Gazebo, the larger Pavilion, or choose a natural setting for your ceremony.
Decide on a venue & book your date, as early as possible.
Now is the time to mail “Save the Date” cards.
Book the officiant who will perform the wedding ceremony.
Choose your photographer, florist, entertainer, caterer & menu, hairstylist
Choose your wedding gown
Register for gifts
Create your wedding website. Optional.

Phase 3.  Double Check.  

◻︎ Check your Phase 1 & Phase 2 lists, making sure all items have been resolved.
Select & Order Wedding Attire for attendants.
Honeymoon Plans. Ask about our special arrangements for newlyweds.
Book your Newell Lodge reservations for out of town guests.

Phase 4.  Small Details.  

◻︎ Order the wedding invitations.
Order the Wedding Cake & the Grooms Cake.  Ask the venue for details on delivery & setup.
Rent formal wear, if necessary.
Double-check lists.

Phase 5.  Finishing Touches.

◻︎ Do you have special requests to include in your wedding vows?  Plan them now.
◻︎ Touch base with your wedding vendors.  Make sure everything is ready to go, confirming dates, times, and deliveries.
◻︎ Apply for your marriage license.
◻︎ Take care of yourself by scheduling a manicure, pedicure, and massage.
◻︎ Mail the wedding invitations at least 6 weeks out.  

Everything is in place.  Your wedding day has arrived.  You’ll inevitably create special memories that you, your family, and your friends will fondly remember in years to come.  

To the happy South Georgia bride, it doesn’t really matter that the buttercream icing was melting before the cake was cut, or that the flower girl went to sleep as she waited patiently in the church vestibule.

When joined by loved ones beneath timeless, Spanish moss-laden oak boughs, yours will absolutely be the perfect wedding you always imagined.